The Effects of Rejection on Your Future Relationships

When you fall in love, you try to do everything right and hope that you can hold onto the relationship for the rest of your life—but it doesn’t always go that way. People often experience heartbreak, breakups, and downright rejection in relationships.

Overcoming breakups and heartbreak happens over time. However, when a person is rejected, the feeling lingers for longer.

Getting rejected in past relationships can hugely impact the future relationships you will be a part of. Most people don’t know how to process rejection and tend to internalize it and start feeling inadequate in relationships. If you want to learn more about this, keep on reading: here are some devastating effects on future relationships of experiencing rejection. Let’s begin!

Looking for Ways to Run

A healthy relationship is an afternoon in front of the television in your PJs and feeling safe – but for a person who has been rejected before, it’s all about staying on their feet. They will never truly experience a sense of comfort in a relationship again. They will forever be ready to run away from their present relationship if something goes south.

Most people will even create scenarios and arguments where they get to leave before the other person rejects them.


People who have faced rejection in previous relationships will always believe they fell short of something, which is why they were abandoned. The feeling of inadequacy will make them insecure about themselves and the people around them.

They will project their own fear of abandonment and rejection onto their partner by displaying toxic amounts of jealousy. People who don’t understand their partner’s friendships may struggle with rejection trauma.

Resist Forming a Deep Bond

Recovering from rejection is more than a few self-help books and some self-confidence exercises. Most people can’t overcome their internal turmoil, creating a large gap between themselves and everyone around them.

People with trauma from rejection will do everything to avoid forming a meaningful and close knot relationship with the people they are involved with. They would not open up or listen to the other person due to their fear of abandonment.

Difficulty in Setting Boundaries

Someone who has difficulty trusting that they are good enough for someone else would overcompensate for those they are in love with. They will go overboard to accommodate them, their comfort, and more. They might even sacrifice their happiness, feelings, and position in a relationship to make someone else feel more confident. This could deepen their unhappiness, leaving them more drained.

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