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An inspiring mother to two children, juggling everyday life while making the most of her experiences – Jennifer Jennings is a middle-aged woman who has devoted her life to discovering the secrets of happy living while trying to achieve it all.

Born in a family of five, Jennifer grew up with two older sisters and a younger brother, which made life exciting, surprising, and full of lessons for her. From sibling rivalry to incidents of companionship and tremendous love, Jennifer experienced it all throughout her growing years and learned how to turn it all into fruitful life lessons.

Amid knee scrapes and lessons learned – Jennifer grew up to find herself married, raising two children in the city. On the brink of losing her identity to everyday responsibilities, Jennifer was able to find the one thing that drove her: her passion for writing.

Jennifer J.

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As Aspiring Novelist, Baker, and Wonderful Mom

Writing is Jennifer’s solace, and nothing helps her unwind after a day of driving the children from school to soccer practices, quite like spreading happiness to people. From the minute she discovered her love for writing, there wasn’t a moment when Jennifer wasn’t trying to jot down a masterpiece.

With constant re-writes and a goal in mind, Jennifer was able to finish her debut book, “Happiness Guide: 7 Steps to Contentment.” From maintaining a diary, then writing daily blog posts, to finishing her first-ever book – Jennifer has had quite an eventful journey of moving from a mother to a debut novelist.

With her first book making heads turn, she continues to write, bake, and cook – three of the things she has grown to love over the years!

7 Steps to Contentment with Jennifer Jennings

Jennifer Jennings has recognized the fact that the innate human search for happiness is something every single person on the planet goes through. It may come easier to some than others, but the pursuit of happiness carries on and continues to challenge us every day.

When we think of happiness, it always seems to be conditional. However, Jennifer realized that being happy actually had nothing to do with what you had. It is all about how you perceive what you have and what you make of the blessings sent your way.

With ‘7 Steps to Contentment’, Jennifer Jennings explores how to find happiness and contentment in a world that seems to constantly be racing after the next new thing, the latest shiny toy that will somehow be the answer to all our problems. She explores the path to true contentment and discusses how happiness really doesn’t require much; it is a natural part of human existence!

This Happiness Guide is here to show you the way. Through 7 Steps to Contentment, Jennifer helps you develop a new perspective in life and learn to view things more positively. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and actualization, so you can open your heart and mind to positivity, growth, and, most importantly, happiness.

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