4 Questions to Help You Focus on Things That Truly Matter

Spring is the perfect time for fresh starts. It’s a time to declutter our homes and freshen up our living spaces. But what about decluttering our minds and refocusing on things that truly matter?

Just as a cluttered home can feel overwhelming, a cluttered mind can be a primary source of stress. When we’re constantly bombarded with information and to-do lists, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important.

Finding true happiness goes beyond reading Jennifer Jennings’ Happiness Guide and marking it “Read” on your Goodreads.

This spring, let’s do some soul-searching and ask ourselves some tough questions to reevaluate our priorities.

A Cup of Coffee Beside a Paper with Bullet Points Waiting to Be Filled with Things That Truly Matter

1. What are my primary focal points?

Without a clear understanding of the most critical aspects of your life, you may expend excessive time and energy on aimless pursuits or tasks. Engaging in activities that hold little significance out of habit or other unproductive motivations can be a source of regret later in life.

Maintain focus on the pertinent areas to remain productive and content. Take a moment to ponder: What are the three top priorities in my life at this moment?

Jot down these priorities on two separate notes and place one set in your workspace while keeping the other near your bedside. This practice will serve as a constant reminder of where you should redirect and maintain your attention.

2. What are the 1–3 most common things distracting me from work?

Figure out strategies to prevent workplace distractions from impacting your productivity.

This could involve:

  • Closing the door to your office.
  • Switching your phone to silent mode.
  • Disabling notifications for email or instant messaging applications.

It would also help to keep your phone as far away from your line of sight as possible, especially if you’ve got an unhealthy mobile gaming addiction.

A Person Using a Phone at Their Workstation

3. What are the three most common things hindering my ability to enjoy meaningful moments with my loved ones?

These distractions may include excessive use of your smartphone, mindless consumption of TV shows out of habit rather than genuine interest, or bringing work-related stress home.

Strategize ways to minimize or eliminate these distractions.

For instance:

  • Limit screen time on your smartphone during family gatherings.
  • Be selective about the TV shows you watch and prioritize quality time with family
  • Establish boundaries between work and home life to prevent work-related stress from intruding on the thing that truly matters: family time.

4. What is the one boundary I can begin implementing in my life this week?

Establishing boundaries only streamlines your life and leaves you with more time on your hands.

Here are several key areas where you can set meaningful and healthful limits:

  • Daily consumption:Trim down the number of blogs, newsletters, magazines, book clubs, podcasts, TV shows, etc., you engage with. Focus solely on those that truly provide value or enjoyment.
  • Email Check-ins: Allocate a specific time slot each day to check and respond to emails. Avoid the temptation to check your inbox throughout the day constantly; once-per-day processing can be more efficient.
  • Social engagements:Take stock of your after-school or after-work social commitments. Perhaps there are clubs or activities that no longer bring you the same level of enjoyment or fulfillment. Consider reprioritizing your schedule to focus on activities that align more closely with your current interests and goals.

Rediscovering things that truly matter is the fastest way to achieving true happiness. Find additional guidance via Jennifer’s self help happiness book, Happiness Guide: 7 Steps to Contentment. Read her blog for more advice vis-à-vis your personal and professional life.