Repairing Your Self Confidence: Getting Up After Getting Shot Down

Self-confidence can take a lifetime to build. However, the most trivial inconvenience can shatter it completely. Most people rely heavily on their self-confidence to get things done daily. Whether it’s a student trying to make it through college, an adult trying to make their place in a large organization, or a mother trying to tend to her children – if they don’t have the needed confidence, they won’t be able to carry forward.

We tend to damage our self-confidence when we make mistakes, but some incidents can completely break it down. So, what do you do when you lose every ounce of self-confidence that you spend years building? We might be able to help.

Here are some great tips you can use on your journey to rebuild your self-confidence after a great blow to it.

Let’s begin!

Celebrate Small Wins

Burdening yourself with failure will only bring down your enthusiasm for life. While it may not seem easy, it’s important to make a habit of celebrating little wins every day. Hype yourself up for the little things you get done throughout the day – remind yourself that even getting out of bed can be a huge accomplishment sometimes. Reward yourself with your favorite coffee or ice cream to celebrate getting through your entire to-do list or just waking up.

Keep Pushing Yourself

Experiencing failure can make people reach a stopping point – they stop making progress. Several people take themselves out of the game and stop working for their goal, altogether. Instead of giving up, it’s better to keep pushing yourself to do better than before. Break down your entire progress and regroup your efforts. Create a to-do list of everyday tasks that help you achieve your bigger goal.

Divide the entire game plan and start making small efforts to get there again. It may take longer, but you will eventually overcome your fears and shortcomings and succeed.

Tend to Your Wounds

When your self-confidence is damaged, you develop internal wounds and pain that aren’t easy to overcome. As per human nature, you would try to avoid accepting these wounds. However, it’s always better to sit down and acknowledge your pain.

Notice what hurts you the most, and start using that pain to recognize your triggers. Once you have them sorted out, ensure that you avoid those triggers and start doing things that calm you down and ease your overall journey.

The 7 Steps to Contentment

Finding the perfect way to be happy can be difficult, especially when you have damaged self-confidence. The first thing you can do is place all your stakes on little things instead of on a larger win – this will help you be happy despite large failures.

If you want more help to build your confidence and maintain happiness, you should get a copy of Happiness Guide: 7 Steps to Contentment by Jennifer Jennings. The book will help you channel your energy in the most effective ways to establish contentment in easy everyday milestones.