Learning to be Content: A Jennifer Jennings-approved Guide

I’m not an expert on contentment by any means, but I’ve spent enough time ruminating over this intangible concept to understand that it’s a work in progress. Since life is bound to change, we are, too, and so is the level of contentment we feel at a given time.

Learning to be content is, therefore, a lifelong endeavor. You can master it, in part, by reading my blogs and Happiness Guide.

You can also start by following these steps for a tangible and achievable approach to pursuing something as intangible as contentment.

A Father Learning to be Content Carries His Child on His Shoulders By the Sea

Align with Your Core Values

Feeling restless or unfulfilled? It could be because you’re misaligned.

Let me explain.

Authenticity becomes second nature when your actions and thoughts align with your values. This authenticity fuels a profound sense of contentment.

Values drive motivation, provide energy, and offer fulfillment. They guide you toward your life’s desires. If dissatisfaction looms or thoughts focus incessantly on the future, check if your daily actions honor your values. If not, create a plan to prioritize them each day.

Reflect on what motivates, impassions, fulfills, and rewards you. Embracing and honoring your values daily paves the way for a more content and purpose-driven life.

Avoid the Comparison Trap

It’s common to spend our days comparing ourselves to others, often leaving us feeling inadequate or deprived. However natural it may feel, learning to be content means giving up this self-defeating behavior.

Instead, concentrate on your uniqueness—your innate talents and gifts. When you fall into the comparison trap, gently acknowledge it and resolve to improve. Embrace your individuality, for that is where true happiness, contentment, and self-discovery lie.


Take Stock of Your Blessings

Consider the things you take for granted—elements of your life that others can only dream of having.

For those yearning for children, imagine the joy they find elusive as you cradle your little ones. Amidst stress about planning a family vacation, ponder those who can’t afford to travel anywhere.

That roof over your head, the food on your table, the job you hold—recognize that many are grappling to secure these basic necessities. We often overlook the privileges we enjoy—learning to be content is acknowledging these blessings.

Consider jotting down a list, reflecting on what you possess that others are fervently praying and wishing for at this very moment. It’s a humbling exercise that fosters gratitude and a renewed appreciation for life’s blessings.

The Right Approach to Contentment

Remember, contentment is not about perfection but finding joy in the journey. Be happy with what you have to be happy, period. Instead of pinning your hopes, dreams, and joy on something that has not yet come to fruition, pin them on what you possess in the here and now.

Master this positive thinking approach by reading my 7 Steps to Contentment. Learn more about the self help happiness book here and Jennifer Jennings, aka yours truly, by taking a minute to explore my platform.

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